Publication Date: Feb 16, 2016
List Price: $26.99 (store prices may vary)
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 352
ISBN: 9781250078476
Imprint: Bedford/St. Martin’s
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


Book Description:

In Listen to the Lambs by Daniel Black, nothing can convince Lazarus Love III to return to the lifestyle of affluence and social status he once knew. Longing for a freedom of the soul that the world of capitalism cannot provide, Lazarus leaves all that he knows—including his wife and children—to achieve the ultimate level of peace and silence living as a possession-less man. When his quest causes him to cross paths with four other wanderers, all of whom later call themselves “the family,” a shocking, brutal act leaves Lazarus in a dire position and his newfound family must struggle to save him. By doing so, both families—past and present—are redeemed and consequently learn the beauty of sacrificial love.


author of Silver Sparrow

“With Listen to the Lambs, Daniel Black once again shows himself to be a writer of great imagination and boundless empathy. Black is a treasure– a beautiful writer who loves his characters and his people.”

author of the novels Song of the Shank and Rails Under My Back

“Told in a voice full of the warmth and wisdom of a fireside tale, Daniel Black’s novel Listen to the Lambs dramatizes the trials and tribulations of a group of homeless outcasts who push beyond their failings to form a family. Black’s formidable achievement is such that his characters assume flesh on every page, their story serving as a powerful testament to the possibility of grace and redemption in our fallen world.”

“Daniel Black is one of those writers for whom human lives seem to blossom fully formed onto the page. In Listen to the Lambs, he presents a deep and compassionate investigation of fatherhood and families, both those that nature establishes for us by blood and those we establish for ourselves by love. More than that, he asks what homelessness is like for the five vibrantly original members of his central cast, offering a story not only about the specific circumstances that led them to the streets but, as one of them puts it, about the American imagination and whether they can live there.”

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