Publication Date: Oct 06, 2015
List Price: $16.99 (store prices may vary)
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 240
ISBN: 9781250098627
Imprint: Bedford/St. Martin’s
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


Book Description:

Daniel Black is at the top of his literary game with The Coming, a novel that National Book Award-winning author Charles Johnson (Middle Passage) calls “powerful and beautiful” and “a work to be proud of.”” Lyrical, poetic, and hypnotizing, The Coming tells the story of a people’s capture and sojourn from their homeland across the Middle Passage—a traumatic trip that exposed the strength and resolve of the African spirit. Extreme conditions produce extraordinary insight, and only after being stripped of everything do they discover the unspeakable beauty they once took for granted. This powerful, haunting novel will shake readers to their very souls.”


National Book Award Winner for Middle Passage

“The Coming is powerful. And beautiful. Daniel Black brings enormous dignity to those trapped on the slave ship even as he details the horrors they experienced. With subtlety and nuance, he shows how the Africans are transformed as a people during the voyage, how their resilience and spirituality shored them up through weeks and weeks of violations that border on being surreal. This is a work to be proud of.”

author of Hardscrabble Road

“The Coming offers us a lyrical introduction to the peoples of Africa and transports us through the chaos and despair of their imprisonment on a slave ship and onward to their harrowing new lives in America. Part homage to the proud and diverse cultures of Africa, part nightmare of the people stolen from those lands, The Coming seduces us with poetry, then breaks our hearts, but ultimately inspires us to celebrate the indomitable soul of humanity.”

author of The Devil in Silver

“History as horror story, horror story as fable, fable as fervent prayer. Daniel Black’s mesmerizing novel, The Coming, is all three simultaneously. And one more, too—a love letter to a people who were lost once but have been found.”

author of The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers and winner of the 2012 Townsend Award

“The Coming is a harrowing and visionary account of the darkest moment in our history. Daniel Black bravely reimagines the birth of the slave trade and puts us on the very boats that tore a people from their land, writing America’s earliest chapters in tears and blood.”

author of Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored and Eight Habits of the Heart

“Dr. Black captures the strength of a people who survived with this compelling and revealing narrative from inside the slave ship. What we may not have been able to imagine along the historic Transatlantic Slave Journey, Dr. Black brings to life—a clear picture of inhumanity and its far-reaching impact.”

author of Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston

“Daniel Black’s The Coming is a lyrical lament, a poetic parable of suffering and redemption, compact in its presentation yet epic in its scope. It is a praise-song for a people—heartbreaking to read, impossible to forget.”

Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, Princeton University

“In awesome human detail, Daniel Black’s The Coming envisions the soul-killing dimensions of the Atlantic slave trade. The “we” of this eloquent retelling sets the reader deep within the heart of enslavement’s trauma in a powerful recasting of our world’s monstrosity.”

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